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The CHF Hemp Seed Registry database is provided to assist vendors and buyers of organically certified seed and other registered seed varieties.  By viewing, accessing or otherwise using this database, you agree to the terms of this Disclaimer.  You understand, agree and acknowledge that these terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you and CHF, and that your use of this database shall indicate your conclusive acceptance of these terms.    To the best of its ability, CHF has attempted to provide a useful service that will assist in the promotion and use of organically certified seed, but the information contained on the website is provided by seed vendors and is not independently developed or verified by CHF.  Users of this database assume sole responsibility for the review and verification of the information provided by any vendor and contained on the website.  You agree to hold CHF harmless, and acknowledge that CHF makes no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, relating to the accuracy of the information provided, or any representations made, by any vendor, specifically including but not limited to the following:

  • CHF does not warrant or guarantee the quality, productivity, or viability of any seed listed, or any claims made by any vendor.
  • CHF does not represent or warrant that any vendor owns or has legal authority to sell the seed varieties listed.
  • CHF does not represent or warrant that any seed listed is validly certified as “Organic” by the U.S. Department of Agriculture – National Organic Program.
In consideration for your use of this database, you agree that CHF, and its agents, representatives and employees will not be liable to you for any action or non-action that you take in reliance upon the information provided on this database; inaccuracies, defects, performance or lack of performance of any seed purchased after reviewing information found in this database; or any other claim or loss arising from a transaction completed after viewing the information on this database.